The Building Division is your community resource for ensuring that safe building practices are followed. City inspectors are knowledgeable in current code and best-practice policies through certification programs and training. The Building Division has a multi-level approach to prioritize public safety.

The City of Cody is committed to transparency and accountability. Please visit our municipal dashboard, Clearly Cody, for centralized access to additional information.

Required Building Permits

The Building Official reviews all plans and Building Permit Applications in regard to the International Code Council (ICC) building, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC regulations. Working in tandem with the Park County Fire Marshall's Office and the State Health Department, fire safety, accessibility, and food establishment issues are also addressed. The application form can be found using the following link:

Required Licensed Contractors

All work on commercial buildings must be performed by licensed contractors. All residential work can be performed by the property owner; however, any contracted work must be performed by licensed contractors. A licensed City of Cody contractor must have a proven work record, reliable references, applicable state license, and liability insurance.

Required Inspections

Inspections are performed and documented at key construction phases by certified inspectors to ensure buildings comply with all applicable building codes and city ordinances. A list of possible required inspections is available.

Certificate of Occupancy

Once buildings pass a final inspection and all life safety issues have been addressed, the Building Division issues a Certificate of Occupancy.

Building Division staff are available to answer any questions you may have in order to provide a safe living and working atmosphere for the citizens of Cody.