Master Plan


The City of Cody maintains a Master Plan (a general plan, or comprehensive plan) to guide the physical development of the community. The Master Plan is developed and periodically updated based on citizen comments and desires to ensure that the land-use needs of the community are identified and that growth occurs in an organized, compatible, and efficient manner.

In essence, the Master Plan identifies what Cody is, what it wants to be, and sets forth goals and policies to get there. The current version of the Cody Master Plan was adopted in March 2014.

You may view or download the Cody Master Plan by clicking the following link:

Adopted Master Plan

Paper copies are also available to be reviewed or purchased at City Hall. Please contact City Planner Todd Stowell at (307) 527-3472.

Note: The Master Plan Appendices are not part of the adopted document; however, they do provide additional background and information. They are available for download below.