Bulk Item Removal


The Bulk Item Removal program allows residential customers to schedule the removal of certain items that cannot be placed inside a dumpster or roll-out.

  • Available for residential customers only
  • Available year-round (with the exception of weeks with a City holiday)
  • One pickup per month

Large Items

  • Thursday pickups
  • Limit of 2 cubic yards, approximately one level pickup load
  • See brochure for list of accepted items

Brush and Tree Limbs

  • Monday pick-ups
  • Under 10" in diameter
  • Limited to piles that are no larger than a compact car
  • Limb large branches

Please view the current brochure for more information on these programs. To schedule your pick up or to speak with someone regarding these programs, call (307) 527-3494 or (307) 527-3492.