Public Utilities

The City of Cody provides several utilities to its residents:

To sign up for the above public utility services at your residence or business, please visit City Hall at 1338 Rumsey Avenue or contact Customer Service by calling (307) 527-7511.

Other Utility Companies Servicing Cody

Natural Gas

     Black Hills Energy
     (888) 890-5554

Cable Television, Phone, and Internet

     (307) 586-3800

     (877) 273-7626

     (866) 642-0444

     DIRECTV (satellite)

     HughesNet (satellite)
877) 932-0105

     DISH (satellite)
     (866) 634-8632

Wyoming State Broadband Program

The Wyoming State Broadband Council's mission statement envisions Wyoming as a leader in connectivity, setting a standard for all others to follow by 2025. The program is focused on making Wyoming a technology leader by expanding services to support economic diversity and job growth throughout the state.