Storm Drainage


The City of Cody Storm Drainage Utility was established in 2022 to provide dedicated funding for the maintenance, repair, and upgrade of storm drainage facilities within the incorporated City limits. This page provides information about current activities of the Storm Drainage Utility and background related to the establishment of the Utility.

Current Activities

Public Survey (July 2023)

The City is working with the engineering consultant team of Bowen Collins & Associates and Engineering Associates to complete a Storm Drainage Master Plan (SDMP). The SDMP will be completed in multiple phases and is currently in Phase 2 of the project, which includes hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of the storm drainage facilities within the City. With this phase of the project, City staff and the consultant team are seeking input from the public about areas within the City where drainage problem areas or past flooding caused by storm/rainfall events have been observed. Please click the link below to provide your input on the survey.

Previous Activities

Storm Drainage Master Plan Project (December 2022)

City staff utilized a Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) process to receive and evaluate proposals for the SDMP. After receiving four (4) proposals from interested firms, the teams of Bowen Collins & Associates (BCA) and Engineering Associates (EA) was selected for the SDMP project. To learn about the selection process and the selected proposal from BCA and EA, please click the links below.

Storm Drainage Utility Creation (August 2022)

The City of Cody established the Storm Drainage Utility in 2022 by creating City codes through approval of three (3) ordinances by Cody City Council.

Ordinance 2022-07 defines the purpose and administration of the Utility, as well as provides definitions used for the Utility. Ordinance 2022-08 defines the user charges for the service for residential and commercial utility accounts within the City. Ordinance 2022-09 defines the allowed discharges to the storm drainage system and enforcement action to be taken for violations of the code. To learn more about each ordinance, please click the links below.