Why is my bill so high when I haven't done anything differently?

There are a number of factors that could have an impact on your energy and water usage. 

  • Seasonal differences – Changes in the season can have an impact on the amount of electricity you use. The weather may have been warmer or cooler than in the previous comparable months, causing your use of air conditioning or heating methods to increase.
  • Equipment operation – Have you had any issues with your equipment? Have any major appliances been running longer? Have you increased the hours of usage? You can do a quick check by comparing your energy consumption for the month in question with comparable months in the past.
  • Water usage – Water bills are based on how much water is used. Watering the lawn or garden will increase usage, as will the addition of occupants in the home. Leaks and running toilets can also lead to an increase in your water usage.

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