Heidi Rasmussen

Title: Councilmember (Ward 2)
Phone: (307) 272-7915

Heidi Rasmussen was appointed to the City Council in 2019.

Born and raised in Cody, Heidi has taken an active role in her hometown since returning from college. She is currently serving on the Planning and Zoning Committee and is a graduate of the Cody Citizens Academy. She often allocates time to volunteer and is thrilled to have been able to help with “A Penny for Park County” as well as the Park County Arts Council. She has participated in a wide variety of roles, including serving as a board member for Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre and the Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale.

Through her time with these ventures, she has grown her interest in the intricacies of public works. “I find the inter-workings of the City fascinating,” says Rasmussen. “I feel like I can use my skills to solve the problem, whatever it may be at the time.”

Rasmussen describes herself as fiscally conservative. As a CPA, she loves to work through budgets and is extremely organized. She enjoys immersing herself in the research of any given topic to look at all angles to find the best solutions.


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